Sunday, December 30, 2012

SIE + SBSGayoDaejun

Damn, I'm gonna get this thing
Maybe in the middle of next year. Second Invasion : Evolution DVD, you have to wait a little bit longer. Cos still I need new laptop~! Sobs, life of a kpop fangirl is really hard. They need a lot of money to be a good fan. I wish this just cos RM200+ to RM300+. I can't afford more than that. YOU, expensive box thing. But it's really beautiful. The surface of the box. Sobs. The shape of the Infinite sign. OMG, I can't handle the beauty. Feel like the first time I touched the box of the Second Invasion one. Feels~ But this time ade tiga colour ? Blue, black, white ? Ofcos I'm gonna get the white. Yang Second Invasion dah hitam dah. Kali ni mesti puteeeeeeeh pulak. Lol. 
I heard that this 3D movie, jualan tiket dia lebih banyak daripada jualan tiket movie Big Bang, Suju and B2st. It's that true ? Kalau betoi, trololololol, harga empat ratus pon aku beli. Mom, gonna beg you for money~ Lol, macam dia nak bagi. Laptop pon kena beli sendiri.

Hey its 인피니트. Who do you think its gonna be ?
Perfect, diorang buat orchestra. Aku streaming jugak walaupon lagging. Then download yang HD kat Youtube. Lol. I almost slept waiting for their performance.. Then, muahahahahXD with they sound of the orchestra thingy, they really woke me up ! Sexay~ The freakin Orchestra People really did a good job~ And ofcos INFINITE, asdfghjkl!1! Adik aku and aku jerit depan laptop. Kat ruang tamu. Nasib baik mom tengok TV kat ruang famili. Kalau x, tobat kena jerit balik.

 They really pabos
Dramatic blue. Serius dramatic betul korang. Full of pabos. Lagu diorang best. Especially Woohyun time part awal. Sweet Namu~ Aku kira tengok dia sepanjang performance. Lol Sorry yang lain. Aku xbleh terlepas pandang tree ni.

Hoya ASDFGHJKL!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!
I heard fans screaming 'HOYA!!!!!!!!' time dynamic black buat performance. Femesnya mamat nih~ ‿‿¬) . Good job honey, good job. Kau memang buat aku jerit. Dynamic Black memang hot. Siap masuk trend twitter. Lol. First aku ingatkan #INFINITEonGayoDaejun2012 nak masuk trend. Tapi xmasuk pon. Ceh. Hoaegi, meh aku lap bloody tears tuh. TROLOLOLOL.

New outfit, new outfit, new outfit. Hot. HOT. HOOOOOOOOT!! Sexy. SEXY SEXAAYY. Swag. SWAG. SWAAAAAAAAAGG!!!!! Done here (¬‿¬).


Lastly, nah sexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay UNICORN !

# Schools start in few days. Few ?  Tinggal esok ja to be fun. And esok streaming MBC Gayo Daejun~ Internet please be kind to me for the last time this year. I'll give you the cookies and unicorn. Lol ಠ◡ಠ