Friday, May 26, 2017

I'M BACK (for awhile)

Be yourself, 'cause others already taken.
Assalamualaikum, okay this is weird as I don't write blog for like what, 2 years? And in the same time I have been through a lot of stuffs, cry, laugh, pain, sickness. You name it, Diploma life is hard. Well, yeah you heard it right. I already done WITH MY DIPLOMA GUYS. And now I'm currently furthering my Degree at UiTMKT. Google it, you will find bunch of none interesting stuff there. Such a gloomy university I trust you. 

Across the years, my music taste change, and it's change back to my 14 years old self. Where I love and adore bands so much its hurt. Less Korean, yeah. I better off this way. I have broaden my list of friends, guys I like (celebrity crushes, not an actual man).

Currently in 13 Reasons Why phase, and I adore Zach Dempsey. And addicted to The Maine's Lovely Little Lonely album. Try it, especially first track, and the fifth track. The fifth really plays with my heart real bad. His voice is really sooooothing.

And no, I do not open my braces yet. Sadly. 2 years and a half already. I mean 2015 I got everything I want, braces and an iPhone. And my 2017 were started well as I got interest in art journaling and stuff.

I've read all my old posts and it was cringey I want to cry. bUT GuEsS wHat, I'm not gonna delete them. Let it stays cringey. For the past, current and future.

Let's get back to my studies life, really having bad dramas with two of my roommates. Can't people grow up to their age. We are 21 dude. Not 12. PLEASE!

Kbai, see ya in another year. 😁And Selamat menyambut Ramadhan. πŸŒ™