Monday, December 31, 2012

Hai, 121231

/ugly sobbingㅠдㅠ
You girl! Don't look at the pretty face of him! HAHAHAXD. Jealousy overload. But.. Aku dapat saksikan yang Hoya dah tak awkward dengan ladies. Iye ler, dia kan mister awkward guy. Troll. ≖‿≖. /But I can see he still an awkward vamp. Poor this aegi.

Esok 130101. INFINITE-H semakin dekat untuk debut. B.A.P comeback pon dah dekat. And the most important. INFINITE IN MALAYSIA. FIRST TIME IN MALAYSIA. OH MY GOD. Sememangnya I can't meet them. Tiket Golden Music Awards tu dah la mahal. Pastu kat KL. Aku kat Kedah ni. Haish. Waye ?? But I'm still happy Infinite datang Malaysia. Woohoo~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ.

It's 3D guys, 3D!! /myungmyung being such a cutie.
 I still need to complete one more poster before the schools start. I am so lazy rn. Anyway, I just complete the 'Wooya Work'. Lol. Folder tu dah lama dibiarkan berkarat, aku baru je habiskan.
And I found that INFINITE has an app in google play store. I am not an android user. But I still can use my oppa's phone. KEKE. That oppa, he addicted to Pou because of me and my sister. HAHAHA, found it funny bila first thing yang dia buat bila bangkit pagi is feeding thr Pou. LOL.
Nothing to say much /the Pou already woke up. I can hear that, oppa. You should wake up too.

Anyway, this is 2013 wishlist ?
must good in chemy.
buy new laptop.
buy the freakin' SIE DVD. /saw many people already gif-ed the DVD. INFINITE so derp.
study hard. SPM is coming for you.
be a good giffer. /LOL
loyal to INFINITE and B.A.P. /this is easy. I always loyal to them.