Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Day of Ramadhan.

(belajar java yesterday, with file named, lels)

Hello-hello, hai, it's been forever. HAHAHA. Okay, lama jugak tak tulis blog, kan? Currently, aku tengah usha my 100ANDRO file. Damn, it's taking so long to load because sebab banyak gambar. Okay dah jumpa apa yang aku nak.

First task of the day, snap at least five pictures for elc. Dem, idk what I should snap, and capture. Because what, all I did in cuti-cuti ceni, lazing at home, watching anything from my harddisk, mostly korean dramas, or anime. Anime tu pon I'll probably watch One Piece. Herm.

So, tadi, just tadi, I went to bazaar Ramadhan with my dad. Lels. First time kot aku pergi bazaar dekat sini, well minus bazaar kat uitm tu, small je. Seriously. Those crowded places, the place that I want to avoid. But I can't help it. I have to go there. Lels. Sampai sana, then dad left me walking by myself. Alone. Omg. Strangers. All AROUND. Alerting myself. Lels. But actually I could do it. 


"...cause you're my flashlight..."