Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today was so perfect. Reaally. I bumped into him a few times. He's so adorable. And I am still wondering why he and his friends was talking about 'Kak Ipar' ?  LOL. I know he is younger than me but.... age mean nothing right? Well, a lot of people still mistaken me as a form 3 students. LOL. No, I am not talking about Junhong. It just HIM. Junhong might taller than him but he still taller than his average friends. LOL. That boy really made me felt butterflies inside. OTL. Adik gonna kill me `cause of this freakin kid. She just curious about the boy cause she doesn't know whose the boy. Mian dongsaeng-ah.

Oh yes, yesterday was Myungie birthday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MYUNGIE-AH ! Adik was happy because its her hubby birthday. Wait until this 28 March, you lil sister. And and I just know a few hours ago about Jongie's teaser. TAT. Adorable. I wasn't prepared but then the teaser just coming out. OTL. Woollim being such a teaser. How could you ? TT. I thought INFINITE gonna comeback this cuti bulan March. But its early than I thought. As I said, I wasn't prepared for being outburst and raging /overreacting/. Tsk.

The test ! I got maybe 6As or 5As for the test. Lucky I wasn't failing in Chemistry and Physic. I got B in AddMaths. And an A for Bio.

Puteri will comeback today. Maybe she is somewhere in KL now. She went for umrah for maybe two weeks. Poor Yuen, really miss her. KEKEKE. And Annurah had fever. She got 2 days MC. So lucky. It's so quiet at school because our gang didn't complete. Tsk. Hope next week will be better :) 

+ Coma was freakin addictive and it's all because Jaejae's 'Noo~~' =='. It's sound really familiar to me. But I still can't recalled why it's so familiar.